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The best prams, baby buggies and pushchairs in 2023


Tips for choosing a pushchair for your budget and situation and our pick of the very best prams on the market

Buying a pram, buggy or pushchair is a rite of passage when preparing for a baby’s arrival. It’s one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make when expecting and it can easily be one of the most confusing, particularly for first-time parents.

Do you want a lightweight pram or a more sturdy design? Does it need to have small wheels to fit in your boot or larger wheels to go on long walks? Does it need to be modular so you can swap in car seats and toddler seats as your little one gets bigger? That’s before you’ve even thought about how long it will last, its colour, how easy it is to fold up and how much storage space it comes with.

To help you make sense of the wonderful world of baby transportation systems, we’ve collected our top tips below on what to look for in a pram, buggy or pushchair. This is followed by our choices of the best prams on the market to suit all needs and price ranges.

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Best prams, baby buggies and pushchairs: At a glance

  • Best all-rounder: Stokke Xplory X | Buy now
  • Best stylish pushchair: Mamas & Papas Ocarro | Buy now
  • Best lightweight pushchair: GB GOLD Pockit+ Pushchair | Buy now
  • Best easy-to-carry travel system: Nuna TRIV Pushchair | Buy now
  • Best off-road pushchair: Cybex Priam | Buy now
  • Best affordable travel system: Kinderkraft XMoov 3-in-1 | Buy now

How to choose the best pram, buggy or pushchair for you and your baby

Generally speaking, a pram is most suitable for a newborn baby because these options can lay fully flat. A buggy/pushchair/stroller is typically forward-facing (although not always) and is more suited for children who are sitting confidently from the age of around six months.

You may choose to buy a separate pram for your young baby and swap that for a buggy once they’re sitting happily, but many instead choose convertible models that take children from birth up to walking age. These convertible buggies either have reversible designs with seats that can lie flat and face forward and backwards, or modular systems that allow you to attach a carrycot. Our list includes both convertible and standalone models.

What is the best size for my pram or buggy?

If you've got a roomy house and a big car, and you aren’t planning on using public transport much, a large and luxurious buggy will transport your little one in comfort. Otherwise, a lighter and slimmer model that you can easily lift onto the bus or tube, or that can be loaded into the car boot with ease (and perhaps even with one hand) will be a better option.

A complete travel system with a variety of attachments and accessories such as a carrycot, baby seat and car seat that fit onto the basic buggy frame can be a convenient option for drivers, but consider where you’re going to store the attachments when they’re not in use.

What other features should I look for?

Nowadays, there are strollers for just about any situation. If you’re expecting twins or planning a sibling within a year or two of your first, some more expensive buggies have expansion built into the design that can convert a single pram into a double, saving you money in the long run. If you’re an avid runner and would like to keep on jogging once the baby comes, you can opt for a running buggy with large wheels and a stable design that is specifically made for the job.

Your choice of pram or pushchair may optionally include a rain cover, carrycot, car seat, a buggy muff or cosy-toes for the baby, as well as a hand muff for you, a cup-holder, a buggy board or a number of extras that may make your life easier (and less expensive if it means you don’t have to purchase these separately). Budget models are less likely to include all these fancy extras, so check what your buggy does and doesn’t include before you buy.

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The best prams, buggies and pushchairs you can buy in 2022

1. Stokke Xplory X: The best all-rounder

Price: From £979 | Buy now from Stokke

Granted, you may pay a bit more for Stokke products, but for the extra money, you get a whole load of additional features, advanced comfort, stylish design, reliability, durability and optimal customer support. Superseding the original Xplory V6 model, which was all the rage for many years with yummy mummies everywhere (and, quite frankly, still is), the new Xplory X released in 2021 provides the same high quality and style we’ve come to expect from this top brand.

This sturdy pushchair has large and heavy swivel wheels with a secure grip that makes it effortless to manoeuvre with just one hand. It’s covered with luxury woven fabrics with sleek lines and there’s a lot of plush cushioning around the ergonomically designed seat and the baby’s head. This sleek pushchair is also conveniently compatible with the separate infant car seat and carrycot.

It has superior safety features, reclining back positions, an adjustable footrest and an extendable, water-repellent SPF 50+ canopy to keep the wind, rain and sun out. Thanks to its mesh design, it also provides snug comfort in the winter while being well ventilated during those warmer summer months. It doesn’t have a fixed basket underneath, but there’s something better: a clever removable shopping bag with plenty of room for belongings that can be sealed shut to protect your purchases from the elements.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 months to 22kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels; Folded dimensions: 105 x 47.5 x 56cm; Unfolded dimensions: 131 x 100.5 x 56cm; Weight: 13.4kg

Buy now from Stokke

2. iCandy Orange 3 Designer Collection Crush: The best luxury pushchair

Price: £1,149 | Buy now from Donaghy Bros

The latest addition to iCandy’s premium pushchair line is the Orange 3, updated in a luxurious Black Crush fabric. iCandy is brilliant at thoughtful design and this pram is no exception, with a super-comfy padded seat, lightweight, streamlined frame, and matte-black chassis frame. We found that not only was this a lovely pram to push as a result of its soft suspension, but it kept our little one secure and comfortable during on-the-go naps. The integrated ride-on board (which is an iCandy signature) was also invaluable for nursery and school pick-ups, negating the need for a bulky buggy board. 

There are tons of other great features to shout about, such as a generous 64l basket at the base, SPF50+ ventilated canopy, and optimised tyre tread that makes it ideal for on and off-road terrain. The travel system also comes with a carrycot and three-position reclining seat that can be easily switched with adaptors. The freestanding fold also closes the pram with the seat unit and bumper bar still attached, which is always a huge plus.

The downside is its high price tag, although it’s expected from a premium brand such as iCandy. While you may find some of the features included here in more affordable models, we don’t think you can beat the iCandy Orange 3 for overall style. The new textured velour fabric, for instance, is a lovely touch that really sets it apart from the competition.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 months to 25kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels with optimised tyre tread; Folded dimensions: 84 x 62 x 29cm; Unfolded dimensions: L:83 x W:38 x D:22cm; Weight: 12.1kg

Buy now from Donaghy Bros

3. Nuna Mixx Next: The best runner-up

Price: £580 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

Cleverly designed and springy enough to ride over all sorts of terrain, the Nuna Mixx Next is a stylish pushchair with outstanding suspension and the scope to work as a complete travel system. Improving on the original Nuna Mixx, this update makes an already excellent pushchair even better, with improved suspension, rubber tyres on the wheels for better manoeuvrability and a neat extra feature: the back wheels retract when you fold it up.

The Mixx Next also self-stands when folded and the seat can be popped out and replaced with adapters for a car seat or a bassinet. While the latter may be useful if you have a newborn, Nuna’s pushchair is notable for having a full-recline(ish) setting, something many of its competitors don’t. Add the option to fold up the footrest, and you have a makeshift bassinet to keep young babies horizontal and safe.

The seat sits high on the frame, which is handy for larger children who may otherwise be close to dragging their feet on the floor, and the canopy can be unzipped for added cover or lifted in places to allow for extra ventilation. The charm of the Mixx Next is in its use of high-quality material (the faux leather push bar is a nice touch) coupled with a mid-range price tag. It’s also rugged and bouncy enough to manage most environments. Whether your walk takes you over cobbles or grass, the Mixx Next will help you take it in your stride.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 4 years or 22kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels; Folded dimensions: 76 x 60 x 42cm, Unfolded dimensions: 82 x 60 x 110cm; Weight: 11.09kg

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

4. Mamas & Papas Ocarro: The best stylish pushchair

Price: From £849 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

If your budget can stretch to it, we highly recommend checking out the award-winning Ocarro pushchair from Mamas & Papas. Yes, it’s on the pricier end of the spectrum, but its high-quality and high-class craftsmanship is evident as soon as you take it out of the box. It’s an incredibly stylish pushchair featuring dual suspension and large wheels to make pushing it over various terrains a doddle. Though it’s a sturdy and durable pushchair, it’s surprisingly compact when you fold it down.

The seat itself is the dreamiest, most comfortable environment for your little one. It’s made from a memory foam-style padded cushion wrapped in the same thick, soft, plush and luxurious material that the rest of the buggy is covered in, including the rain hood, which is available in a selection of eight modern yet timeless neutral colours. The Ocarro is also available with an array of similarly luxurious extras, such as a nappy bag with a removable changing mat, footmuff, parasol, adaptors and cup holder. It's compatible with the Ocarro car seat and carrycot, too.

The pushchair alone will cost you £849, but Mamas & Papas offers bundle deals if you want to add these helpful extra accessories. Whether you opt for the pushchair on its own or the complete travel system, you’re getting a bunch of superior features including dual suspension, puncture-proof tires, safety reflective wheel rims, mesh pockets that can store plenty of belongings and an adjustable handle for the pusher’s comfort.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 4 years or 22kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel; Folded dimensions: 40 x 59 x 78cm; Unfolded dimensions: 101 x 59 x 101cm; Weight: 13.5kg

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

5. GoodBaby Pockit+ Stroller: The best lightweight pushchair for travelling

Price: From £190 | Buy now from Amazon

Though it’s not a complete travel system, any parent will tell you that the handiest stroller you can buy is one that you can operate single-handedly while you have a wriggling child in the other. This would mean that it would have to be light, simple to operate and cooperative. The GoodBaby Pockit+ is just that stroller.

At just 5.6kg, it’s the lightest, most compact stroller around (it was awarded the Guinness World Record for the smallest folding stroller on the market in 2014), yet it’s still sturdy and can serve your child up until they are four years old (or 17kg) so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. What’s more, this impressively compact stroller folds up so small it can even be taken on as carry-on luggage and stored in an aeroplane’s overhead storage compartment.

It’s easy to push and its five-point harness keeps your little one secure. Its soft, hammock-style seat lays almost flat, making it great for naps under a parasol. While its basket isn’t the largest, it will still hold a bag of shopping or your essentials. The canopy also is rather on the small side, but the benefits of this stroller far outweigh these negatives. At £190, it’s reasonably priced, too. Other worthy contenders for the lightweight and compact carry-on stroller category are the Didofy Aster (6.2kg, £299) and Inglesina’s Quid 2 (5.9kg, £275), but as you can see, the Pockit+ wins for both a lower price and weight.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 6 months to 4 years; Wheels: Lockable swivel; Folded dimensions: 20 x 34 x 42-55cm; Unfolded dimensions: 102 x 42 x 71cm; Weight: 5.6kg

Buy now from Amazon

6. Nuna TRIV Pushchair: The best easy-to-carry travel system

Price: £550 | Buy now from Boots

Nuna’s brilliant Triv pushchair combines style with portability, thanks to an easy-to-fold design that makes for a classy companion for trips around the city. Light and compact, but with loads of storage space and a range of seating options, it balances the benefits of a full travel system with a frame that can be collapsed and carried in just one hand.

The Triv’s design is based around a seating system that can be reclined through a range of angles and even popped out to be replaced by an adapter for a bassinet or a car seat. This gives an impressive amount of flexibility, with the bassinet definitely worth considering as an additional purchase if you have a newborn. Even on its own, though, the Triv’s seat is an adaptable piece of kit, with optional calf support, four reclining choices and an extendable water-repellent UPF 50+ canopy with ventilation sections.

That attention to detail, from the use of high-quality materials (such as the faux leather push bar and the cosy wool insert) to the clever way the whole thing folds, is a big part of what sets this pushchair apart from the competition. Once the pushchair is collapsed, a leather strap on its base makes it easy to pick up, carry down a flight of stairs and put into a car boot. The Triv is an outstanding stroller with an appealing mid-range price, ideal for anyone doing a lot of strolling around and getting in and out of cars.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 4 years or 22kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel; Folded dimensions: 32 x 52 x 65cm; Unfolded dimensions: 81 x 52 x 109cm; Weight: 8.8kg

Buy now from Boots

7. Bugaboo Cameleon3: The best all-in-one stroller

Price: From £675 | Buy now from Bugaboo

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 is the third edition of this iconic all-in-one design buggy, immediately recognisable by its neat shape and bold colour options. The Bugaboo has won fans worldwide for its versatile handling and flexible functionality, with a fully reclinable and reversible seat, height-adjustable handlebar and adjustable suspension that ensures a smooth ride on any terrain.

The innovative Dutch design includes a carrycot that converts into a seat (so you won’t need to stash it in the house when not in use), while a smooth and simple switch-and-lock on the X-shaped handlebar easily turns the baby to face towards either you or the world. It has two wheel positions that make for an easy ride even through sand or snow.

The redesigned basket is still roomy enough to store plenty of belongings and shopping but now it’s easier to access. The Cameleon3 also comes with a host of accessories, including a rain cover and a sun canopy, and you also have the option of purchasing various “Plus Bundles”, which come with other items you may need such as a changing bag, car seat, footmuff and more.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 36 months; Wheels: Lockable swivel with foam-filled rubber tyres; Folded dimensions: 90 x 50 x 31cm; Unfolded width: 100 x 59 x 80cm; Weight: 9.6kg

Buy now from Bugaboo

8. Joie Chrome DLX: The best versatile pushchair

Price: £330 | Buy now from Online4Baby

The Joie i-Level is one of the best car seats around, especially for young babies, and if you like the convenience of popping the car seat straight onto a stroller, you’ll need to get a compatible pushchair. This is where the Joie Chrome DLX comes in.

This reasonably priced, lightweight and stylish 3-in-1 pram, pushchair and stroller comes with a carrycot for newborns, but it also gives you the option to lay the pushchair seat flat. The pushchair comes with a leg rest that adjusts as your baby grows, and it can face both inwards and outwards for when your baby wants to see the world and not just you. It comes with a comfortable mattress, an extendable hood, a cosy apron and a rain cover.

Other handy features include a handlebar that you can adjust according to your height, a removable bumper bar and ShoeSaver brakes. We also love the size of the sun canopy and the roomy basket. Despite being lightweight, the Chrome DLX has large, all-terrain tyres with all-wheel suspension and quick-release wheels, and can carry babies weighing up to 17.5kg. In addition to supporting the i-Level car seat, you can also fit the Joie Gemm and i-Gemm seats on the base.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 17.5kg in weight; Wheels: Lockable swivel, all-terrain wheels; Folded dimensions: 93 x 59.8 x 38.5cm; Unfolded width: 86 x 59.8 x 113.2cm; Weight: 12.7kg

Buy now from Online4Baby

9. Cybex Priam: The best off-road pushchair

Price: £900 | Buy now Natural Baby Shower

The all-new Cybex Priam has been updated and is now even better than before (if that’s even possible). This customisable part-pram, part-stroller is suitable from birth, when it’s used with a carrycot, right up to when your baby is four years of age (or has reached 22kg), and combines rubber wheels with impressive suspension on a sturdy frame.

Yes, it may look too good to take on welly walks, but trust us, this thing can handle it and is perfect for all sorts of on- and off-road adventures thanks to its all-wheel suspension that provides a super soft, quiet and comfy ride (and if it gets dirty, the fabric covers are easily removable and machine washable). If you’re one of those daredevil parents, you can even buy an extension pack that replaces the front wheels with a pair of skis.

This high-end stroller is the first of its kind to feature a new and innovative one-pull harness system that can precision-fit your child securely in their seat in seconds with just one hand every single time. Other nice touches include an SPF50+ canopy, a backrest pocket to store your phone and keys, and a shopping basket that folds down when not needed.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 years to 22kg in weight; Wheels: All-terrain wheels; Folded dimensions: 83.5 x 51.5 x 31.5cm; Unfolded dimensions: 92-83 x 60 x 98.5-108cm; Weight: 12.6kg

Buy now Natural Baby Shower

10. KinderKraft XMoov 3-in-1 Travel System: The best affordable travel system

Price: £329 | Buy now from Very

To buy a good baby travel system that has a car seat and a carrycot, plus plenty of handy extras, you might think that you’d have to take out a small loan… but you’d be mistaken.

The KinderKraft XMoov 3-in-1 travel system is remarkably reasonably priced for the quality (sturdy frame and luxurious mink fabric throughout) and the number of features it offers. These include, but are not limited to, a nappy bag with removable changing mat, a rain cover, cup holder, footmuff, extendable canopy and a height-adjustable handle. In addition to all of this, the front wheels swivel and can be locked for solely going straight, while the brakes at the back wheels have a simultaneous double clamp to fix the pram promptly in place.

The reclinable car seat has adjustable shoulder straps with protectors for the baby’s optimal safety and comfort. The pumped wheels on this all-terrain stroller also have a shock-absorbing mechanism allowing it to glide effortlessly on all kinds of roads, making it the perfect option whether you live in a busy city with mismatched pavements or in more rural surroundings with dirt roads.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 years to 22kg in weight; Wheels: Pumped, all-terrain, locking, swivel, self-aligning; Folded dimensions: 92-116 x 110 x 60cm; Unfolded dimensions: 75 x 42 x 62cm ; Weight: 11.8-14kg

Buy now from Very

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