Black Friday

Black Friday 2022: When is Black Friday 2022?

Danielle Amato Matt Reed
23 Sep 2022

We've got the lowdown on all the Black Friday 2022 rumours plus all the dates and info you need to know ahead of the big day

Black Friday 2022 is edging closer and closer and we're already dreaming about what amazing offers will be available over the deals period this year in the UK and elsewhere. 2021 saw some of the biggest savings on everything from the ever-popular Nintendo Switch to incredible deals on the latest generation of TVs and smart speakers. Price reductions on mattresses and home workout equipment were also huge in 2021, as were offers on coffee machines, streaming service subscriptions and home broadband.

While we're not sure what the major deals of 2022 will be, we're hoping for epic savings on the latest smartphones as well as some cheeky deals on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Also, there's some potential for some serious offers across Apple's back catalogue, including the range of iPhone 13 handsets (especially since the new iPhone 14 lineup has arrived) and latest MacBooks.

Black Friday 2022: Everything you need to know

Black Friday UK 2022: When is Black Friday?

Black Friday always falls on the last Friday of November, which means Black Friday 2022 will take place on 25 November. As you might already know though, many retailers will start their deals early and even extend them into December. So if you want to get the lowdown on all the latest Black Friday rumours, bookmark this page now and check back in early November – or even before then – for more information on what top value goodies are on offer.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name given to the last Friday in November when retailers offer big discounts on items across a range of categories. Black Friday wasn't always a tradition in the UK, though. It first started in the US and became a huge hit many years before hitting our shores. It was only in 2010 when the day had its UK breakthrough after Amazon offered massive online discounts to British customers. In 2013, Walmart-owned Asda brought over the in-store traditions causing a frenzied chaos from UK customers, with many other shops taking part in their own Black Friday UK sales ever since.

Nowadays, Black Friday deals usually run for well over a week, or even throughout November and beyond, but the main day is still one of the biggest in the retail calendar. The UK bank Nationwide (our favourite bank for customer service) reported that almost £6m was spent by its customers before 5pm on Black Friday in 2021 – an increase of 26% on 2020 levels. And that still marked 24% more spending than pre-pandemic levels of Black Friday 2019, so it seems our collective appetite for deals shows no signs of waning. In fact, it’s believed around a whopping £10bn was spent on the day alone in 2021. That’s likely in part due to many retailers tending to hold back the best deals for Black Friday itself, so it always pays to keep an eye out on the special day.

Why is it called Black Friday?

There are a lot of tales about the background behind Black Friday, but the true story of where the term comes from is centred on the city of Philadelphia. It is thought that the earliest use of ‘Black Friday’ was by the Philadelphia police force in the 1950s to describe the mass crowding and general chaos that would occur the day after Thanksgiving. An issue of Public Relations News from 18 December 1961, a weekly newsletter that ran during this time, details how “the biggest shopping days normally are the two following Thanksgiving Day” and the “resulting traffic jams” were “an irksome problem to the police”, meaning staff would be refused time off and have to work long, twelve hour shifts. It therefore “became customary for officers to refer to the post-Thanksgiving days as Black Friday and Black Saturday”. Other reports note how these dates also coincided with a big Army-Navy college football game that was usually hosted in Philadelphia, as well as families generally having time-off during the holiday season and flocking to the city.

Since then, there appears to have been a concerted effort to rehabilitate the term away from these more negative connotations and promote the story that Black Friday simply refers to black ink on a business’ balance sheet, and therefore a time of profitability, as opposed to being ‘in the red’ or losing money.

How long will Black Friday 2022 last?

Back when Black Friday was new to the UK, it typically only lasted one day, with some online-only Cyber Monday deals following after the weekend. However, last year Amazon held its longest Black Friday yet, with discounts appearing on the site up to four weeks beforehand. This means you could get your hands on some impressive Black Friday offers in early November – and maybe even late October if you’re eagle-eyed.

So whether you want a new addition for your kitchen or you’re looking for the latest tech for less, you're certain to find a great deal on something you've been pining for.

Black Friday 2022: How to find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

If you're looking for the best Black Friday deals in the UK, you're in the right place. All of the deals we post here are checked by our team of expert deal hunters to make sure you're getting a REAL bargain. And we won’t cover sneaky, false discounts either as we always try to check out deals in relation to their average selling price where we can. We'll post the biggest savings as and when they come in and change up our top finds every day, so keep an eye out regularly if you're looking for something specific.

What is on sale in Black Friday?

There is always a lot of variety to what is on sale during Black Friday. Pretty much anything is fair game for a discount and we’ll be covering them all on our main page. We'll also be adding the very best Black Friday deals to our dedicated deals pages on everything from toothbrushes to TVs when the sales period begins. That should make things easier for you should you already know what you’re after. You can find these links below if you want to have a nosey at some of the great deals on offer now.

Check back here and on the Expert Reviews homepage throughout Black Friday to find some of the best deals on consoles, smartphones, booze, kitchen gadgets and more.

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Black Friday 2022: What is Cyber Monday and when is it?

Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday immediately after Black Friday and sees retailers offer even more discounts. In 2022, that day will fall on 28 November.

As the name suggests, Cyber Monday is a predominantly online event. It was first popularised in 2005 after research from the American National Retail Federation (NRF) found there to be a flurry of online sales the Monday following Thanksgiving.

Since then, the line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday has become ever-more blurred, despite them having separate names, with most stores running deals during the weekend between the two dates – often referred to as Cyber Weekend. Sometimes you’ll get the best deals first thing on Friday, other times it may be best to wait until the deals start wrapping up and prices drop more. It all depends on your desired product, so stay vigilant!

Not sure where to look for the best Black Friday deals? Don't worry, we'll be here to take the hassle out of shopping and researching, with stories on all the best deals across the week.

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