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Best business broadband deals: Huge savings on business internet packages from Vodafone, BT and TalkTalk

Jane Hoskyn
16 Jan 2023

Looking for reliable, superfast internet for your work? Check out these winter deals on the best business broadband plans

The best business broadband deals offer pro-level reliability and customer service, without costing much more than your standard home broadband package. And right now, there are some superb deals to be had, including HALF PRICE offers from the UK's biggest internet providers.

Early December is ideal for bagging a broadband bargain. Black Friday deals from TalkTalk, Sky and BT are still going strong, cutting up to £15/mth off and, in the case of BT's Fibre 76 Essential business package, saving you a hefty £230 across the plan. But hurry, because most of these offers expire in a few days.

Business broadband users aren't all business owners. Millions of us are staffers and freelancers working from home, and our livelihoods depend on a decent connection but we can't pay astronomical fees. Business broadband packages from even bargain-centric providers can cost north of £100/mth if you want 4G backup, 24/7 customer service and a static IP address included, so the prices below are insanely good value.

How should you choose your ideal deal? Well, your needs as a business user aren't quite the same as your needs as a home broadband user. Unless you're doing any actual gaming for work, reliability should be your top priority rather than speed. An hour or two of unexpected daytime downtime could be punishingly costly in lost business or a missed deadline.

Customer service is also vital with business broadband. When you're at work, you can't afford to punch through endless extensions then wait an hour in a call centre queue. The ability to reach someone 24/7, and have them understand your problem and deliver a solution pronto, is far more important than mountains of megabits or streaming freebies.

Plusnet, our favourite all-round ISP, no longer offers business packages. Instead it directs its customers to BT, our pick for most reliable provider, whose current deal is one of the best we found. Read on for the best business broadband deals at the time of writing – and don't take too long choosing, because these deals expire in days.

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The best business broadband deals this December

1.Vodafone Superfast 2: £20.50/mth incl VAT (was £25)

Vodafone is currently offering its Superfast 2 business fibre broadband for the price of Superfast 1, wiping a fair few quid off the 24-month plan. Exactly how much, you ask? Well, Superfast 2 cost £25/mth when we gave Vodafone Broadband a four-star review, and Superfast 1 was £22/mth. Right now, the Superfast-2-for-Superfast-1 price is £17/mth, or £20.50/mth once you add VAT. So across the two year plan, we make that a saving of £108.

Superfast 2 gives you unlimited usage, download speeds up to 76Mbits/sec, average upload speeds up to 19Mbits/sec and a Wi-Fi Hub router. There are no upfront fees to pay, and you get some useful free extras such as a 'Manage your broadband' app and Guest Wi-Fi.

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2. BT Fibre 76 Essential + Digital Line: £28/mth (was £35)

Winner of the Most Reliable award in the Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards 2022, BT delivers a steady and speedy fibre-optic internet connection with its two-year business broadband deals. That's music to the ears of this home-based worker.

Our pick of the plans is BT's Fibre 76 Essential + Digital Line, with a peak download speed of 76Mbits/sec. The plan includes a digital phone line, which lets you make and take phone calls from anywhere, home or away. Normally £35/mth, this plan now costs £28/mth, saving you £168 over a 24-month contract.

If you want to add 4G backup, expert tech support and a free static IP address, BT's Fibre 76 Halo plan currently costs an excellent value £34/mth, again for 24 months. This time, you get download speeds of up to an insane 900Mbits/sec, but only if your postcode supports it, and your premises are already hooked up to a full-fibre connection.

Hurry: BT's business broadband deals end on Tuesday 3 January 2023.

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3. TalkTalk Simply SuperFast Fibre: £22/mth (was £29)

TalkTalk has extended two of its best festive deals, which had been due to expire on 12 December. Do click the big Check Availability button to make sure your area is covered, though.

TalkTalk’s business fibre broadband deal cuts £7 off the monthly fee of its 76Mbits/sec Simply SuperFast Fibre plan, from £29/mth to £22/mth. The promo fee applies across the full two years of the contract, not just the first 12 months, and you get free setup and delivery. All in all, you save £168.

TalkTalk has also temporarily slashed the price of its Complete Business Fibre plan, now just £28/mth. It still gives you up to 76Mbits/sec downloads, but you also get unlimited UK mobile and landline calls and free premises move. This is the deal to go for if you're concerned that you may be on the move during the contract.

Both TalkTalk's business fibre plans include free 24-hour, 365-day UK support.

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4. bOnline Unlimited Business Broadband: £17-£27/mth

bOnline is specially aimed at small businesses and sole traders who just want to get online, stay online, and get help from customer service whenever they need it.

bOnline's basic Unlimited Business Broadband plan is currently just £17/mth for for the first six months (the headline fee is £14, but that doesn't include VAT). You get unlimited usage and up to 24Mbits/sec downloads, which is slower than the fibre deals mentioned above, but ample for most home workers and freelancers. You also get guaranteed uninterrupted speeds, access to a special customer onboarding team, and excellent UK-based customer service with an actual 020 landline to call.

If you do want fibre-level speeds, bOnline's Unlimited Business Fibre plan's special promo price of £27 (£23 excl VAT)/mth lasts the full 12 months, and this time you get 76Mbits/sec with a speed guarantee. Both bOnline deals are for new customers only.

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