Best foot spa 2022: Pamper your feet

Lise Smith
17 May 2022

Fancy a spa experience at home? Give your feet a treat with our pick of the best foot spas available right now

A trip to the spa for some proper foot pampering is one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon. But if you don’t have the time or money for repeat visits to the beauty salon – or you simply prefer to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home – then a home foot spa is a great alternative, providing a relaxing bubbly foot treatment at your convenience.

A home foot spa, with bubble jets and rollers to massage and relax your feet, can be picked up for a fraction of the cost of regular treatments at a salon, and as well as saving you money, you’ll be able to relax your feet in the comfort of your own home at any time of day or night that suits you.

To help you get the best from your home spa, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide with key features to look for – and those to avoid – when choosing your foot spa. Below, you’ll find our current favourites.

Best foot spas: At a glance

How to choose the best foot spa for you

How does a home foot spa work?

All home foot spas use warm water to soften the skin and relax the muscles of the feet. Some foot spas include a small heating unit to keep the water warm, which is good for a longer soak. Most foot spas also include air jets that bubble the water, further relaxing the feet and ankles, and some even include massage rollers and acupressure nodes that knead and press the feet – perfect for those who spend long hours standing in the daytime and want to release tension and soreness in the feet.

More features – especially features such as rollers or automatic temperature sensing – will tend to mean a more fully relaxing experience, but also a more expensive unit. If you primarily want a foot spa in which to soak your feet prior to giving yourself a pedicure, a more basic unit with fewer features may be perfect for your needs. However, if you’re serious about footcare, then you may want to invest in a more sophisticated model.

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What other features should I consider?

Variable settings: Cheaper spas just switch on and off, while more advanced machines have adjustable settings for bubbles, heat and vibration.

Ease of use: Look for waterproof controls, which can ideally be operated via toe-touch or remote control. This will stop you having to bend down and ruin your relaxation.

Size: Make sure your foot spa can accommodate the size of your feet – some models are surprisingly small. Also consider the height, since some people only like their feet covered, while others prefer their ankles also immersed in water.

Portability: Most spas are lightweight, but soon become heavy when filled with water. Look for models that have a handle and a built-in drain, too.

Splash guard: Bubbles and jets mean potential water spillage. To counter this, some spas come with a built-in guard, while others have a removable one.

Attachments: Pumice stones, nail brushes and roller massagers are the most common attachments available with the spa itself. However, ensure you don’t end up paying for attachments that you’ll never use.

Warranty: One of the biggest issues we’ve found with foot spas is that they can suddenly stop working after a few months. Good ones should come with at least a year’s warranty.

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The best foot spas you can buy in the UK in 2022

1. Beurer FB50: The best luxury foot spa

Price: £158 | Buy now from Amazon

German healthcare brand Beurer’s premium foot spa looks great, is easy to set up and use, and has just about every feature you can think of. The built-in heater is powerful enough to warm water to the correct temperature and then keep it there, where other spas typically need water to be heated first. The foot bath is big enough for large feet, and the unit has a clear display. The FB50’s massage rollers go a long way to relieving tension at the end of a lengthy day, and they’re also easily removed for cleaning or if you don’t want to use them.

Included with the unit are a manual massager, brush and pumice stone to complete your pedicure. Unlike many foot spas, the FB50 can also be used without water for a dry massage, and it’s surprisingly quiet in operation. Overall, this is an excellent unit that delivers as close to the full spa experience as you can get.

Key specs – Massage type: Vibration, rollers and bubbles; Heater: Yes; Display: Yes; Timer: Yes; Number of pedicure attachments: 3; Warranty: 3 years

2. Sensio Foot Spa Massager: The best budget foot spa

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

Treating your achy feet needn’t break the bank, with the Sensio Foot Spa Massager costing such a modest amount. It might not come with all the bells and whistles included with pricier models, but if it’s a simple pamper you’re after, Sensio’s offering is just the ticket.

Fill the bath with warm water and the foot massager immediately sets about loosening tight and overworked muscles for a top-notch spa experience. The removable rollers offer a firm massage – although they’re not the strongest of those on our list – and the pedicure kit is a generous addition that’s perfect if you’re looking to pamper your toes, too.

Key specs – Massage type: Vibration and bubbles; Heater: No; Display: No; Timer: No; Number of pedicure attachments: Six; Warranty: 2 years

3. Revlon PediPrep Foot Spa: The best foot spa for pedicures

Price: £35 | Buy now from Amazon

As a foot spa, this model from Revlon is fairly straightforward. Simply fill it with warm water and let the bubbles do their work. The massage pressure is decent enough, but this model doesn’t come with a heater, so you’ll need to top up the water if you want a longer foot bath.

However, for pre-pedicure preparation, the PediPrep is ideal. The warm bubbles will help soften feet before filing and moisturising, and the spa has a detachable pumice stone and massage roller. The unit also comes with a handy bag containing all the pedicure kit you could need: a brush, a nail cleaner, two cuticle pushers, a pair of cuticle scissors, two toe separators, an emery board and a storage pouch to keep it all in one place.

Key specs – Massage type: Vibration and bubbles; Heater: No; Display: No; Timer: No; Number of pedicure attachments: 2; Warranty: 1 year

4. Hydrapedics Advanced Motorised Foot Spa: The best for a spa experience

Price: £80 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking for a home foot spa that closely replicates the experience of a salon foot treatment, this unit from Hydrapedics offers a relaxing combination of bubbles, vibration and infrared light to warm and massage the feet. Automatic rollers help release tension in the soles of the feet and improve circulation – excellent for those with tired feet at the end of a long day. There’s even a manual acupressure node in the centre of the foot bath to help release particularly tight spots. You can add your favourite salts or essential oils to help soften the skin and boost the relaxing effects of the spa, too.

A smart temperature control system brings the water to your preferred heat setting and then keeps it there, so you don’t need to continue adjusting the temperature once you have it where you want it. The unit comes with a handy carry handle and splash guard as well. With its massage features and ease of use, the Hydrapedics delivers an excellent at-home alternative to regular spa trips.

Key specs – Massage type: Vibration, rollers and bubbles; Heater: Yes; Display: Yes; Timer: Yes; Number of pedicure attachments: 0; Warranty: 1 year

5. HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa FB-350-GB: The best foldaway foot spa

Price: £50 | Buy now from Amazon

If storage space is an issue, or you want to travel with your foot spa, this foldaway machine is a great buy. There’s no compromise on size – it’s actually quite large – but it can fold flat when it isn’t in use. The bumpy bottom (which HoMedics refers to as “Acu-nodes”) is good for soothing tired feet, especially when used with the vibration massage, which focuses on the acupressure points of your feet.

The foot spa is easy to set up, although you’ll have to heat the water to the right temperature first. The water stays warm for long periods and pours out easily afterwards, thanks to a handy spout. Weaknesses include the noise levels and the short cable, but neither are deal-breakers. Two pumice stones are included: a coarse one to exfoliate and a fine one to polish.

Key specs – Massage type: Vibration and bubbles; Heater or keep warm: Keep warm; Display: Yes; Timer: Yes; Number of pedicure attachments: 2; Warranty: 2 years

6. Rio Deluxe Foot Spa and Massager: The best foot spa for arthritis

Price: £50 | Buy now from Argos

This is ready to go as soon as you get it out of the box, so there will be no need to faff about with complicated instructions – although be warned that it is on the heavy side. Once your feet are in, though, it’s instantly relaxing, with the reflexology foot rollers doing their job on the key pressure points when you move your feet up and down. Vibrations and hydrotherapy jet massage are the icing on the cake, especially for sore, tired feet and those affected by arthritis.

We found the water stayed warm and the settings – for massage only, heat only, heat and massage, and heat and bubbles – mean you can play about until you find the most comforting option to suit your needs. While it claims to fit up to size 13 feet, bear in mind that this probably won’t leave enough space to make the most of the rollers.

Key specs – Massage type: Vibration, rollers and bubbles; Heater: Yes; Display: Yes; Timer: No; Number of pedicure attachments: None; Warranty: 2 years

Buy now from Argos

7. Beurer FB35: The best foot spa for an aromatherapy experience

Price: £77 | Buy now from Amazon

The Beurer FB35 stands out for its aroma container with a built-in filter, allowing you to bathe your feet in your preferred bath salts or crystals. Prepare to feel soothed and serene – aromatherapy is known for helping to relieve inflammation, too. Relaxation is further enhanced with the inclusion of three massage functions: vibration massage (which helps stimulate circulation), bubble massage (for relaxing) and foot reflex zone massage (to massage the soles of your feet with removable roller attachments).

We also like the foot callus-removal attachment, water temperature control, infrared light treatment and carry handle. The FB35 is easy to use, although it might take a while to familiarise yourself with the attachments. It’s surprisingly affordable, too, but it isn’t the quietest.

Key specs – Massage type: Vibration, rollers and bubbles; Heater or keep warm: Heater; Display: Yes; Timer: No; Number of pedicure attachments: 3; Warranty: 3 years

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