Best vacuum cleaner deals 2022: Huge savings on vacuum cleaners during July

Matt Reed Jamie Stedmond
20 Jul 2022

Some of our favourite handheld, robot and cordless vacuum cleaners are going cheap this July

A high-quality vacuum cleaner is essential to clean your home effectively, but now we're out of the proper sales period, scouting out the best vacuum cleaner deals can be an intimidating challenge with so many models out there. That’s exactly where we come in – we’ve searched high and low to find you the best vacuum cleaner deals from well-known brands such as Shark, Vax and more. To make things clearer, we've listed the average price point that each product previously sold for meaning you can rest assured that whatever deal we show is actually a bargain.

Maybe you’re in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner, or prefer to put your back into it with something more conventional. However you wish to clean your home, you'll find something for you – within your budget – in our list below.

Keep in mind that these deals are changing all the time, so if you find something you like at a great price, it’s better to purchase it quickly. Similarly, if you don’t find something good today, then remember to check back often as we regularly update this page with all the latest vacuum cleaner deals from leading UK retailers.

The best vacuum cleaner deals of July 2022

1. Miele Triflex HX1 (was £525; now £420)

With a very respectable 60-minute battery life you'll be cleaning your home in no time when using this Miele Triflex HX1. As a cordless vacuum with three power modes, you should be able to get all the dust and dirt around your home – especially when using either the Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush or Upholstery Nozzle. The Bagless 0.5L capacity dust canister makes throwing it all out easy, too. At this price, just £20 off a record low, the Triflex HX1 is a fantastic buy.

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2. Bissell MultiReach Active 21V: (was £160; now £100)

Making our list of the best cordless vacuums, the Bissell MultiReach received praise for its power and functionality for its price point, having the ability to switch between cordless stick and handheld modes, as well as having high and low power settings designed for carpets and hard floors respectively. Despite having a small bin capacity at 0.5l, we were happy to recommend it at its average price of £160; at £100 we can declare it a must buy.

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3. Vax Blade 3 Pet Cordless Vacuum (was £186; now £172)

While noting that it was a little heavy and cumbersome, our full length review of the Vax Blade 3 praised this vacuum for punching above its weight, providing better-than-expected cleaning power for a vacuum under £200. Its currently retailing £14 under its average Amazon price, which is a price not to be sniffed at considering its strong performance in our Cheerios and flour vacuuming tests.

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4. Vax Blade 4 Pet and Car (was £300; now £190)

Also on sale is the Vax Blade 4 Pet and Car, a good value stick vacuum which our initial review heartily recommended, noting the wide range of attachments you get in the box, including a mini motorised pet tool attachment and a pliable powered hose, as well as its removable battery and generally good cleaning ability. Retailing for £300 when it first debuted, the Blade 4 is currently at its lowest price ever on Argos, sitting at £190, with similar offers available at other retailers such as Amazon, where its average price since launch is £236.

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5. Shark WandVac 2.0 (was £149; now £129)

In our full review of the 1.0 model, we noted that Shark’s handheld cordless vacuum provided impressive suction power for a handheld vacuum, while also being surprisingly lightweight and manoeuvrable. This 2.0 model has all the same plusses as the original, with extra suction and power to boot. At its nifty deal price you can now pick up this upgraded model for the same price as its predecessor, a no-brainer deal for anyone looking to pick up a handheld vacuum.

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6. Shark Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner HZ500UK (was £203; now £177)

The Shark HZ500UK earned kudos from us upon its release for offering a solid corded alternative for those looking for a stick vacuum, one that has more power and battery life than cordless stick models tend to have. We also liked Shark’s DuoClean vacuum head which allows you to clean carpet and hard floor surfaces without having to fuss around with switching peripherals. With a solid £26 lopped off its average Amazon price, this unique vacuum will be the perfect deal for someone.

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7. Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner IZ201UK (was £246; now £228)

Our original review of the Shark IZ201UK highlighted some great features, such as Shark’s built-in DuoClean head which allows you to clean carpets and hard floors without having to change over cleaning heads, its clever folding design which allows it to stand upright on its own when in storage, and its range of tools and accessories such as the flexology cleaning wand, whose bend-shaped design makes cleaning under furniture a doddle, saving your back plenty of stress. This month finds this vacuum nicely reduced, down £18 from its average Amazon price of £246 to a very attractive £228.

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8. Henry Hetty HET160 Vacuum Cleaner (was £138; now £119)

Henry is Britain's most beloved vacuum cleaner; one could even say a British icon. With a slight twist on the classic model bourne out of the 1980s, this is Henry's little sister Hetty – but she performs just as admirably for the price point. With its long reach and enormous nine-litre capacity, this reliable hoover still provides great cleaning on a budget. We've seen this one sell for £138 on average, and while this isn't a record low deal, it still marks a decent discount on a legendary product.

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