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Best travel system 2022: All-in-one systems to safely transport your baby around


Get out and about with your little ones with our pick of the best travel systems

Finding the best travel system for your baby can feel a little daunting. After all, they have a big job to do: they need to transport your little one safely while being comfortable to push, relatively portable and hugely versatile. Most of all, they need to suit your own personal needs. Indeed, they need to be compatible with carrycots, car seats and toddler seats to accommodate your baby from birth well into their toddler years. That’s a lot to think about – and potentially a lot to pay for.

Like buying anything, most of it comes down to personal choice and is totally dependent on your circumstances and lifestyle. If you travel a lot and use public transport, you’ll want something lightweight that folds down with minimal effort. More of an off-road adventurer with a dog or two to walk? Sturdy suspension and durable wheels should be at the top of your list or requirements. If size or road conditions aren’t all that important, you might be free to prioritise style over these more practical elements.

Whatever your needs, we’ve put together a brief buying guide with some common FAQs and rated some of the top travel systems on the market to help you make an informed choice for you and your family.

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Best travel system: At a glance

  • Best overall complete travel system: Mamas & Papas Ocarro | Buy now
  • Best runner-up complete travel system: Mamas & Papas Strada | Buy now
  • Best high-end travel system: CYBEX PRIAM Travel System | Buy now
  • Best travel system for city living: Nuna Triv Caviar | Buy now
  • Best lightweight travel system: Ickle Bubba Eclipse All-In-One | Buy now
  • Best for style and design: Micralite GetGo 3-in-1 | Buy now
  • Best affordable travel system: KinderKraft XMoov 3-in-1 Travel System | Buy now

How to choose the best travel system for you

What is a travel system?

It’s a do-it-all pushchair with a modular design that allows you to slot in carrycots, car seats and toddler seats as needed. This means you can buy most models in a variety of different packages, or bundles as they’re commonly known, ranging from barebones models with just the frame or stroller, right through to deluxe versions with everything like the carrycot, car seat, and accessories such as footmuffs, canopy, nappy bag, and even cup holder bundled as standard.

Do I need a travel system?

Not necessarily. You could instead choose to buy a separate pushchair with a carrycot, a stroller, a third-party car seat – or any combination of products that works for you. The appeal of a travel system is integration and the convenience that it brings.

Everything in a travel system is designed to work together, so it potentially means less overlap. For instance, you can just click the car seat onto the travel system chassis and push your baby around town, which saves you transferring your child from a car seat to a pushchair or cot.

What key features should I look for?

Size and weight are crucial, meaning it’s a good idea to go to a store or showroom to have a good play around with the models you like. Will it fit in your boot and/or hallway? Can you carry it upstairs if you live in a flat? Make sure you’re happy with the folding mechanism too, as some are more tricky than others.

Babies need to lie flat in a pram until they’re six months old, so you’ll also need to make sure you’re happy with the size and comfort level of the carrycot. Don’t forget to check details such as whether it’s suitable for occasional overnight sleeping too.

The size of the wheels is also important: big sturdy wheels are great if you walk a lot on rougher terrain, while slimmer wheels are better suited to city life. Also look out for all the smaller details such as in-built sunshades, buggy boards for older children, the size of the shopping basket and how big the stroller seat is. Will it accommodate your baby as they grow into a toddler, or will you need to spend more money further down the line? Can it accommodate two (or more) kids if and when you have more?

How much should I spend?

It’s tempting to assume that the more expensive a travel system is, the better it must be, but that’s not always the case. There are a wide variety of choices at all kinds of price points – starting at around £300 and soaring well over £1,000 – so it’s best to think about what your main needs are and work from there.

On the other end of the spectrum, the high price of some of these travel systems might seem shocking at first, but if you factor in all the separate products provided in a bundle and calculate the cost if you were to buy each of them separately, you’ll find that an all-in-one travel system might actually be well worth your while.

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The best travel system to buy in 2022

1. Mamas & Papas Ocarro: The best overall complete travel system

Price: From £1,129 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

High-quality craftsmanship combined with a sturdy construction and ease of use earned this pushchair travel system bundle from Mamas & Papas the top spot on our roundup. The award-winning Ocarro buggy, thanks to its large wheels and dual suspension, can ride smoothly over any terrain and folds down easily and compactly.

Soft brushed flannel fabric and plush memory foam-style cushioning for baby’s comfort show the level of detail the company has gone into in designing this product. It’s also available in a selection of eight neutral shades, and four different bundle options. Included in this complete bundle are the Ocarro car seat, carrycot, adaptors, nappy bag with removable changing mat, footmuff, parasol, and cup holder.

Other stellar features include tough puncture-proof tyres, safety reflective wheel rims, mesh pockets that can store plenty of belongings and an adjustable handle for the pusher’s comfort (and no back pain). You can even fold it away with only one hand despite it being a larger buggy.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 4 years or 22kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel; Folded dimensions: 40 x 59 x 78cm; Unfolded dimensions: 101 x 59 x 101cm; Weight: 13.5kg

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

2. Mamas & Papas Strada: The best runner-up travel system

Price: £1,049 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

This equally impressively high-quality stroller, the Strada, is our runner-up for the best travel system and the 9-piece bundle comes with everything you need to transport the baby from birth to toddlerhood: car seat, carrycot, adaptors, footmuff, canopy, nappy bag, and cup holder.

Slightly smaller and a couple of kilos lighter than the Ocarro, the Strada has an adjustable height handlebar, zip-away hood with mesh and a peekaboo window, plus comfortable padded seating and a reclining back. Safety functions include reflective wheel rims for extra security and, despite being super sturdy, it's lightweight, easy to push, and a breeze to fold and unfold.

The pram is covered in soft and thick material with leather and silver detailing on the zips and handles, and it’s available in nine earthy tones. It has a big rain hood and large, grippy wheels that can roll smoothly on just about any type of road. Like the Ocarro, the Strada is the kind of pushchair that you’ll fall in love with at first sight (and if not, then definitely at first stroll).

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 years to 15kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel; Folded dimensions: 36 x 70 x 56cm; Unfolded dimensions: 95 x 88 x 56cm; Weight: 10.4kg (pushchair), 4.9kg (carrycot)

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

3. Cybex Priam Travel System: The best high-end travel system

Price: £1,200 | Buy now Natural Baby Shower

The Cybex Priam has had a glow up and it’s as glam as ever. Incorporating a new and innovative harness technology that can precision-fit your child securely in their seat in seconds, this customisable part-pram, part-stroller combines chic design and high-class technology, with practical functionality to appeal to parents everywhere.

Suitable from birth, when it’s used with the carrycot included in this bundle, right up to when your child is four years old (or 22kg), this stroller can handle any on- and off-road terrain thanks to its rubber wheels and impressive all-wheel suspension that make for a super comfy, and quiet, ride.

Extra features include an SPF50+ canopy, a backrest pocket to store your smaller valuables, and a shopping basket that folds down when not needed. Almost everything you require comes in this bundle, except for the extension pack that replaces the front wheels with a pair of skis for when you head to Meribel.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 years to 22kg in weight; Wheels: All-terrain wheels; Folded dimensions: 83.5 x 51.5 x 31.5cm; Unfolded dimensions: 92-83 x 60 x 98.5-108cm; Weight: 12.6kg

Buy now Natural Baby Shower

4. Nuna Triv Caviar: The best travel system for city living

Price: £950 | Buy now from John Lewis

When most of your day consists of having a child under your arm, a travel system that includes a pram with a single-handed folding mechanism, lightweight design and all-wheel suspension like the Nuna Triv is ideal for busy city life or anyone who travels regularly.

The main pram in this travel system has an easy-to-fold design and a large storage basket underneath, while the spacious flip-fold seat has an adjustable leg rest that can easily accommodate a toddler up to the age of around three.

The additional carrycot can be attached for newborns and this bundle includes a Pipa Next i-Size car seat. The stroller also comes with lots of thoughtful details such as a wallet slip at the back of the seat, attractive leather detailing and a peekaboo panel along the back of the canopy.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to 22kg max; Wheels: Front swivel wheels; Folded dimensions: 32 x 52 x 65cm (LWH); Unfolded dimensions: 77-87 x 106-110cm (LH); Weight: 8.8kg (without canopy, armbar and insert)

Buy now from John Lewis

5. Ickle Bubba Eclipse All-In-One: The most affordable travel system bundle

Price: £700 | Buy now from Amazon

The price of the Eclipse is extremely reasonable for what it has to offer: a newborn carrycot that is suitable for occasional overnight use, a car seat and a pushchair designed with an Ickle Bubba Board: a built-in standing board that allows pre-schoolers to hop on for a ride while their sibling is safely snuggled up in the carrycot, pushchair or car seat.

The car seat comes with the Isofix car seat fitting system base that makes carrying the baby in and out of the car a breeze: this eliminates the need to faff around with a seat belt as the baby is already securely strapped into its 5-point car seat harness. Just clip the car seat into the Isofix’s two metal clip fixing points to lock it into place, and unclip to release. Other perks include a full winter footmuff, a smart baby bag that fits neatly on the back handle, an extendable UPF 50+ hood, puncture-proof, high-grip tyres and a wallet slip across the back of the buggy seat.

While the pram is lightweight and incredibly easy to push or lift up onto high pavements — hence the reason for it being our choice for best lightweight travel system — that’s not to say it’s by any means a small buggy. In fact, it’s rather on the larger side, partly due to its bigger wheels which make it great for active families who love the great outdoors. It also, unfortunately, doesn’t fold down completely flat, which may be slightly cumbersome if you have limited storage space.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to approximately 4 years old; Wheels: Lockable front 360-degree swivel wheels; Folded dimensions: 58 x 80 x 37cm (WLH); Unfolded dimensions: 58 x 116 x 106cm (WLH); Weight: 8.6kg (chassis with wheels)

6. Micralite GetGo: The best for affordable style and great design

Price: £875 | Buy now from Micralite

The Micralite GetGo is a classy travel system that’s suitable from birth through to toddlers weighing up to 22kg. You can buy it as a barebones pushchair (£395) or as this complete bundle which comes with a carrycot. The pram chassis stands up when folded and comes with a two-tone black and copper carry strap so you can transport it easily to and from the car.

If you enjoy long walks and trips into the countryside, the multi-terrain, puncture-proof tyres and dynamic four-wheel suspension will come in handy too. The carrycot is lined with a super soft antibacterial bamboo fabric and is fitted with an integrated pull-out sun visor. There’s also a built-in storage pocket for your purse and keys.

Once your baby has outgrown the carrycot, you can switch it out for the seat unit, which has adjustable calf support and a lie-flat design. We also love the extra details such as the extendable hood with UPF50 protection, zip-out airflow panel and pull-out sunshade.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to 22kg; Wheels: Four-wheel suspension; Folded dimensions: 76 x 59 x 38cm (LWH); Unfolded dimensions: 72 x 59 x 89-105cm (LWH); Weight: 10.8kg

Buy now from Micralite

7. KinderKraft XMoov 3-in-1: The best affordable travel system

Price: £329 | Buy now from Baby Planet

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; that is the price for the full bundle 3-in-1 KinderKraft XMoov travel system, complete with pushchair, car seat and carrycot, plus plenty of handy extras. This remarkably reasonably-priced buggy offers a number of features, but its low price (less than half the price of many others on this list and on the travel systems market) is not at all indicative of its quality, a fact made evident by its sturdy frame, luxurious mink fabric and detailed stitching throughout.

A nappy bag with removable changing mat, a rain cover, cup holder, footmuff, extendable canopy and a height-adjustable handle are just some of the XMoov’s features, and the reclinable car seat has adjustable shoulder straps with protectors for the baby’s optimal safety and comfort.

For strolling, the all-terrain pumped wheels have a shock-absorbing mechanism allowing it to glide effortlessly on all kinds of roads, making it the perfect option whether you live in a busy city or in the country. The front wheels swivel and can be locked in position for solely going straight, while back wheel brakes have a simultaneous double clamp.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 years to 22kg in weight; Wheels: Pumped, all-terrain, locking, swivel, self-aligning; Folded dimensions: 92-116 x 110 x 60cm; Unfolded dimensions: 75 x 42 x 62cm ; Weight: 11.8-14kg

Buy now from Baby Planet

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