Aukey PC-W3 review: A great budget 1080p webcam

Tim Danton
24 Jun 2021
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Though not bringing the most robust software support, Aukey's PC-W3 is still a huge step up from most laptop's built-in cameras

Great quality for price
Seamless autofocus
Compact and travel friendly
No control over colour intensity or FoV
No privacy cover

The Aukey raises a question that Logitech won’t like: is it worth paying almost £100 for a 1080p webcam when you can buy something this good for £34? It’s tough to justify, even though the Aukey can’t quite match the Logitech webcams for quality; it’s crisp, but detail isn’t captured to the same level, and its colours lean towards the conservative, pastel scale. Even Donald Trump would come out looking pasty.

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Aukey PC-W3 review: Design and features

However, in a 100m sprint for quality, the Aukey would only be a few steps behind the Logitechs, which is quite an achievement for the price. What you don’t get is Logitech’s software support, with no utilities that let you control the colour intensity or the field of view.

That means you’re stuck with a wide viewing angle, so you’ll need to move within a foot or so of the camera to fill the frame during calls. This is too close if you’re using a big, widescreen monitor – or even a 27in screen. The good news? At whatever distance, the two mics picked up audio well.

You can take control of the focus – to switch between auto and manual – and brightness, but that’s it. The autofocus worked seamlessly too, so that manual focus adjustment is largely academic.

Note the lack of a privacy cover, but a blue LED appears when the camera is active. At 81mm wide and 25.5mm deep, it’s also the most compact and travel-friendly model on test.

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Aukey PC-W3 review: Verdict

Lacking a few user-friendly functions that can be found in its more expensive competition, the Aukey PC-W3 certainly isn’t perfect. For just £34, however, it delivers a huge upgrade over most laptops’ built-in offerings. For a simple, serviceable 1080p webcam, the Aukey PC-W3 is all you need.